Lutheran Church of Reconciliation

New to Wilmington? New to Reconciliation?

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We are glad you’re here. We want you to know that for whatever reason you chose to spend a little time here, it matters to us. And we want you to know you are welcome.

It’s important to us that everyone feels welcome, and we work to make that a reality. Whether you’re a life-long Lutheran or someone who is just curious, you are welcome here.

Just come as you are because we’re not perfect. We’re not even trying to be perfect. We are folks who bring all our faults and flaws, all of our gifts and talents, all our brokenness and stories of healing and try to live the life we’re meant to live — the life God gave us. We have learned that’s easier when we do it together. And we’d love you to join us because we’d be more complete if you do.

Sunday morning – something for everyone


Quiet communion





Worship Update

10 AM – indoor in sanctuary.  We will worship at 10 AM until 2023 when we will go back to 8:30 and 11 AM
No reservations required.
Open seating without social distancing. If you are not fully vaccinated, you are encouraged to wear a facemask in consideration of others. Masks not required for those who are vaccinated.
Live stream
Adult Sunday School in person and Zoom starts at 8:45am.


Visit our channel for online worship