Lutheran Church of Reconciliation

Sunday Services

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Worship Update

8:30 and 11:00 – indoor in sanctuary
No reservations required.
Open seating without social distancing. If you are not fully vaccinated, you are encouraged to wear a facemask in consideration of others. Masks not required for those who are vaccinated.
8:30 am – Live stream

Ash Wednesday Worship at Noon and 7PM


Visit our channel for online worship

worship quote

Worship is at the center of our lives of faith at Lutheran Church of Reconciliation (LCOR). As Richard Foster reminds us in his book, The Celebration of Discipleship, worship is our response to his incredible love, forgiveness and grace. Therefore, worship can be the ways we live, the choices we make, the conversations we have, and the things we do. At times worship is a private affair…a private response to God’s great love. We see a beautiful sunset or walk along the beach and we’re overcome with the beauty of God’s creation. This is worship.

However, at other times, worship is a communal response as we gather with others to celebrate his love, forgiveness and grace together. We hear a biblical story of forgiveness proclaimed in a sermon, we sing songs about God’s love and compassion, we pray for the sick, the hungry or hurting, and we gather around the Table to celebrate his love made visible in bread and wine. Finally, we are sent forth to live our worship by the ways in which we share his love, forgiveness and grace with others. This is worship too!

Whether worship is private or communal we celebrate at LCOR that God loves and forgives us as we make worship the most important part of our lives.

Our overall worship style might be considered traditional. We use The Lutheran Book of Worship as the basic foundation or structure for our services. In it, we find a variety of prayers, litanies and liturgies which may have been used in the church for centuries but are fresh and relevant to today’s life. We sing a variety of hymns, psalms and spiritual songs from many different sources. It wouldn’t be unusual in one of our services to sing a hymn that is centuries old as well as one you might hear on contemporary Christian radio.

LCOR offers a variety of worship styles and services to meet the needs of our congregation. Look over these brief descriptions to discover the worship experience which fits you best!

Hands in praise

This worship hour follows a Lutheran form of worship with a more up-tempo style. This service will offer worshipers the opportunity to praise our Lord using the gifts drawn from a wide variety of sources using combinations of instruments, vocalists, ensembles, drama, and media.



Traditional Worship follows the rites of the church that have been handed down over the centuries. Prayers, songs, hymns, and practices that have sustained generations of Christian people are used to allow worshipers the chance to express their praise to God in a meaningful and joyful way.