Lutheran Church of Reconciliation

Serving in our Community

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The People We Serve

Wilmington, our beautiful little gem of a city, has many charms. Pristine beaches, wonderful cultural attractions and a lively downtown scene offers an attractive coastal lifestyle. But Wilmington, like every city, can also be a cruel place to live. For those who barely make it paycheck to paycheck, a sudden illness, a car breakdown, or a missed rent payment can unexpectedly hurl them into a downward spiral that can result in losing the basic necessities of life.

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

A Nursery Rhyme Turned Upside Down

Old Mother Hubbard had a bare cupboard. Ours is a bit different.
Two times a month LCOR volunteers donate their afternoons working at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, an emergency food pantry in the heart of downtown Wilmington. Here, our city’s most needy receive a 3-5 days supply of nutritious food without charge and without regard to race, religion or sex. It requires countless hours of behind the scenes work to stock the shelves at Mother Hubbards and more than 20 people to serve these clients. And monthly, our church collects hundreds of pounds of donated food for the pantry with a nursery rhyme name.

We’ve found a few bags of groceries, respect and a kindly word can help our neighbors through tough times and get on their feet again.

Winter coat drive

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Wilmington has a temperate climate but temperatures can suddenly drop to dangerous levels. Come January each year, our congregation has a winter coat drive. The stories these coats could tell would probably make for a good sermon with a blush or two: They range from the luxurious to the rugged, polar protection to proud peacock. Many have been purchased especially for this drive. All coats are donated to The First Fruits Ministry in Wilmington The grand total last year: 162. Not to mention sweaters, scarves, hats, 5 blankets and a bag of socks!

Murrayville Elementary

Go Mariners!

Perhaps one of the most profound experiences that a human can experience is an act of kindness; a message from a friend, a simple gift, a gentle word of encouragement. Knowing that is so important, LCOR has chosen a local elementary school as a special friend. This year our school is Murrayville Elementary in Castle Hayne, known throughout the land as The Mariners. We’ve donated backpacks, school supplies, hand-knitted caps for the entire 5th grade, and special “thank you” presents for teachers. Our kindness has been returned in so many unexpected ways. Godspeed Mariners. Fair winds!

Angel Christmas Tree


A special Christmas Tree adorns our church every year. It is the Angel Christmas Tree placed there and lovingly decorated with angels by LCOR members. Each angel has a child’s name and the name of a Christmas gift they would like to receive. LCOR members choose an angel, find a gift to match the request and return it to LCOR. The gifts go to Open Gate, a domestic violence shelter in Wilmington.

Dedicated Day of Service

God’s Work. Our Hands.

Every year our church joins nearly 10,000 other ELCA churches throughout our nation for a dedicated day of service. A visitor at our Ministry Center would be amazed to see members assembling hygiene kits for homeless people, packing special snacks and writing Thank You notes for community servants. And in the long hours of planning and preparation for this special day, God’s Work, Our Hands volunteers collected hundreds of pounds of food for an emergency food pantry, scores of blankets, bath towels and washcloths for shelters.

We regard this day as a celebration of who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbors.