Lutheran Church of Reconciliation

Music at Reconciliation

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One of the first things people notice when they attend a church service is the music. The style, the instruments, the choirs or soloists and the choice of songs have great impact on those who attend the service. All it takes is a tender verse of Amazing Grace, a choir singing a simple setting of Jesus, Loves Me or a rousing organ postlude and we find our hearts are moved in ways we can’t always explain. Such is the power of music in the community of God’s people.

At Lutheran Church of Reconciliation, music is an integral part of our worship services expressed through hymns, liturgical settings, choirs, praise teams, handbells and organ selections at our 10:00  services.  Music is one of the ways in which we express our deepest emotions of worship and thanksgivings for God’s wondrous ways. When music is combined with ministry it becomes a powerful tool for spiritual growth and meaningful community. At LCOR, musicians are not surprised to talk about serving, ministering and being musical vessels of grace to those sitting in the pews.

Therefore, if you are willing to make new friends, commit to regular rehearsals, sing about the love of God and be willing ministers to those in worship, we invite you to consider joining one or more of our three music ensembles

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Director of Worship Ministry

Diana’s passion for music began very early and she believes that we never stop learning.  She absolutely loves serving as the music director here and is always available to meet with members, family, and friends of LCOR.  New choir and handbell choir members are always welcome!   We are striving to grow the music department and welcome all talent.

Our three music ensembles

REHEARSALS ARE 4:00 PM ON wednesday

The Chancel Choir regularly sings at the 10 a.m services. The type of music sung by the choir is from the rich traditional choral literature of the church with a sprinkling of contemporary gospel and contemplative styles intermixed. Previous choir experience is not necessary but being able to read music is helpful! All are welcome!


bellsOur Bell Choir is a group of people who love to share the beauty of handbell music with the congregation. The Bell Choir plays once a month at our 10:00 service. The type of music used by the Reconciliation Ringers consists of hymns and sacred music written especially for handbells. Please click on the link below to experience the beautiful music our Reconciliation Ringers provided on Christmas Eve.

If any of the music opportunities have caught your interest and you’d like to talk more about it, please feel free to send an email to our Director of Worship, Diana Brailsford at: or  (910) 686-4742.

View some performances below!