Lutheran Church of Reconciliation


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At Reconciliation, there are no strangers

Most people may not realize that the word “religion” comes from the same root word for “ligament” that means to tie or fasten. The scriptures tell us that being connected to God and to one another is one definition of the Church — the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians, Ephesians, Colossians).

Through worship, fellowship, service, and living out our faith together, connecting is a big part of who we are at Reconciliation. It’s one way God is doing the work of reconciliation in us, and through us in the world.



Coming together in worship is our primary way we connect to God.

Worship is currently online on Facebook and on YouTube.

In Person Sunday Services

Nursery Attendant at all Services

Adult Sunday School
9:00am in Perry Hall
Covering a range of issues, currently looking at social justice and our role in understanding the roots of racism and ways to deal with it in thoughtful love.

Children’s Sunday School
9:00am in Preschool Four’s Room
-Taught by Lead Preschool Teacher, Mrs. Wantuch and Nursery Attendant, Miss Leah, our Children’s Sunday School is a fun-filled hour featuring songs, crafts, and exciting new ways to learn about God’s love! 


Leland B Study

Small groups

Having a meaningful conversation about a scripture passage and praying together helps us feel God’s Spirit in our lives.

Several groups are meeting across our area for Bible study, prayer, and building friendships. For more information, contact the church office.

Sunday School meets weekly at 9:00
Children’s Sunday School meets weekly at 9:00

Bible & Biscuit is a group of men who meet every Tuesday morning at 7:30 to tell stories (and some jokes) followed by a brief Bible study.

AA and Alanon groups are scheduled throughout the week to support one another.

Devotion and Donuts is a group of women who meet every other Wednesday at 9:30 to share devotion, fellowship, and treats!

Check our Calendar of Events!

Pickle Ball on court inside gym


Being together and sharing our stories over a cup of coffee or playing Pickleball is life-giving. Pickleball has resumed after a covid hiatus!

There are lots of fellowship opportunities throughout the year that everyone is welcome to join.

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Joining together to make our community more healthy and strong builds deep friendships.

Reconciliation offers many service opportunities in our church, in the community, and to the wider world.