Lutheran Church of Reconciliation

Stacey – bio

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Stacy Collins

Office Administrator

Stacy and her wife Anne relocated to Wilmington from northeast Atlanta, GA. in October 2022. Anne is the rector at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Myrtle Grove where Stacy is actively involved. As a life-long Episcopalian, Stacy is very familiar with church history and welcomes a new understanding of the Lutheran Church. Becoming part of the Church of Reconciliation is truly a “God Wink.” Stacy says the church called and she was in the place to answer!

Stacy has been a licensed professional counselor for the last 22 years and will retire in December 2023. She has an undergraduate degree in political science, German, and International Business from The College of Charleston in Charleston, SC and a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

Stacy and Anne live with their two cats and one dog. They love the beach and kayak every opportunity they have. Stacy has two adult children and one grandson. Her daughter lives in Charleston with he family where she teaches high school physics. Stacy’s son lives in Hampstead. He is Marine Corps officer and a pilot

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