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Jeffrey Ingold


On January 1, 2023, the people of Lutheran Church of Reconciliation (LCOR) and I began our ministry together!

I am excited to be sharing in the congregation’s efforts to love God, love others, and serve the world near and far. I have often wondered what living in a coastal community would be like and now I have the blessed opportunity to experience it along with the vibrant people of faith at LCOR.

I am energized by what God’s love can do when people are opened to receive it and share it, which I have already experienced with the people I am getting to know in worship, visits, groups, and fellowship.

God’s love opens us to a world of opportunity, abundance, and overflowing generosity and obviously this has been a focus of the congregation and its pastors for many years. I am blessed to strive in continuing this legacy of love at LCOR.

If you are looking for a church home and happened upon our web site, or if you have gotten out of the ritual from a pandemic hiatus or have fallen out of love with the church for any reason, I want to invite you to do something Jesus invited the earliest disciples to do, “Come, and see!”

Come, add to the picture of what loving God, loving others, and serving the world looks like as you engage with our new ministry together at Lutheran Church of Reconciliation.

Let’s see what God has in store as we partner together to love and serve.
Check out this web site for our worship times and I look forward to being with you, soon!

Pastor Jeffrey Ingold

Pastor Jeffrey Ingold Headshot